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Scientific knowledge and 20 years of professional experience.

When carrying out each order, we always try to take into account the complexity and individuality of the legal environment in which our clients operate, in order to provide a product individually dedicated to a given entity or enterprise and its specificity.

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20 years

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Our Lawyers

Prof. Katarzyna Maćkowska

Attorney at law

She specializes in substantive criminal law, procedural law and family law. She is an expert in American law and has authored numerous of legal opinions for public authorities and private entities. She is a Fulbright Program Scholar and Scholar-in-Residence at Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi. Author of dozens of scientific publications, long-time university lecturer. Leader of the criminal and family law team.


Prof. Sebastian Kwiecień

Attorney at law

He specializes in labor law, intellectual property law, business law and food law. Represents clients in international mergers and due diligence processes. Conducts civil and arbitration proceedings (including international). Team leader in labor law, business law and copyright law. Author of numerous scientific publications. -time university lecturer. Combines scientific knowledge and professional experience. Member of management and control bodies of commercial law companies.


Attorney at law

Specializes in civil law, criminal law (with particular emphasis on
criminal fiscal law), medical law and family law. Team leader in compensation cases (compensation and damages on property and person), family cases with special emphasis on divorce and division of property.


Prof. Grzegorz Tylec


Associate professor at the Department of Language, Rhetoric and Media Law. Lawyer, legal adviser, specializing in intellectual property law and media law. Author of many legal opinions and over 80 scientific publications, including co-author of the Commentary on the Industrial Property Law Act and the Commentary on the Broadcasting Act. He conducts training for judges, prosecutors and legal advisors in the field of copyright and intellectual property protection. Grzegorz Tylec is a member of the management board of the Polish Scientific Society of Press Law, a member of the Polish Film and Media Research Society, a member of the KOPIPOL Association of Collective Management of Copyrights of Creators of Scientific and Technical Works, a member of the KOPIPOL Program Council, an expert in the field of intellectual property protection at the Institute for the Development of Higher Education and Lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution.


Patryk Lubiński


Legal counsel trainee, he is serving his legal counsel apprenticeship at the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Lublin. He specializes in
civil law cases, including broadly understood private business law, commercial contract law and shipping and forwarding law.


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