Law Areas

Physical custody simply refers to the parent

Business law

We provide our clients with complex assistance in the following aspects: establishing and restructuring business, judicial proceeding, analysing and preparing contract documentation, including export agreement. If you are interested in buying a firm, modifying its structure or the takeover, we will support you at all stages of investment process, particularly at due diligence analysis. Our office cooperates with the best attorneys in Ireland, Germany, UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia and France. Therefore we will protect your business outside Poland.


Our experts provide legal advice and litigation services to both creators in the protection of their rights and entrepreneurs, especially in marketing and IT sectors, whom we assist legally and with the interest of both parties in transfer rights to the contractor. We specialize in providing legal assistance to entities that have became victims of copyright trolling, also understood as the abuse of rights by the entity transferring the rights or granting the license. Our Law Firm provide clients with professional legal assistance in the field of copyright protection, personal and property copyrights, press law, subsidiary copyrights as well as copyrights on the Internet. Experience and professional team are elements that distinguish us from others.

rozwód zdjęcie

Divorce and property division

We provide a complex legal assistance in divorces, parental responsibility, child support and alimony cases. We do our best to help you in working out the most efficient solution of all matters, which are related to divorce proceeding, including property division. We cooperate with mediators and psychologists, especially in reference to parental responsibilities and visitation rights.


International arbitration

If you have a professional legal assistance, you should not be afraid of international arbitration. We will give you a full support from the commencement of the arbitration to its completion. Our activity especially includes preparation and analysis of arbitration clauses as well as recognition and declaration of enforceability of arbitration awards proceedings.


Criminal Law

We work on a strategy for both parties to criminal proceedings. For victims we prepare offence notices and represent them before police, prosecutors and courts as attorneys for auxiliary and subsidiary prosecutors. Suspects and accused persons are provided with reliable legal support including the best defence strategy. If you are sentenced expect our help at criminal enforcement proceeding. We also fight for compensation in cases of violation of your rights


Industrial property law

If you are focussed on how to protect your ideas, firm, original solutions and trade marks, we will give you a legal aid regarding law on intellectual property, such as patents of invention, design or utility models.


American law

We provide our clients with legal opinions regarding an interpretation of federal, state and local laws of the United States. Our cooperation with American lawyers will help you in contacting attorneys for purpose of legal representation before courts in the U.S. We refer to and explain provisions that are used in a specific substantial and procedural legal contexts. We also represent Polish and American firms in their business relations as well as individual clients in family and property legal disputes. You can rely on our professional advice in English.


Labor Law

We help our clients in the field of broadly understood labor law. The law firm’s legal services include in particular:

  1. providing legal advice and drawing up legal opinions
  2. negotiating and preparing employment contracts, contracts with members of company governing bodies, management contracts
  3. preparation of non-competition agreements
  4. assistance and participation in negotiations with employees and trade unions
  5. creating work regulations, remuneration regulations and regulations of the company’s social benefits fund
  6. representing employers and employees in court proceedings
  7. legal disputes

Law on Education

We are personally involved in activity of parent councils at schools and therefore we perfectly understand a need for interpretation of current provisions, mainly when you look for legal instruments that can be used by parents’ organisations. We explain how to create parent council at school, prepare the rule of proceedings and provide you with complex help in order to solve current legal problems.


Housing Cooperative Law

Our experts support Co-operatives movement for years. Legal assistance is given in the following aspects: establishing, managing and liquidation of housing cooperatives. It also includes representation regarding legal arguments with outside entities.